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Jim Chaffin and Jim Light began their careers in development in the 1960s with the Sea Pines Company for ten years beginning at Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. They were also responsible for developing master planned communities in the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico.  In 1978, they formed Chaffin/Light and have since focused their careers almost entirely on the development and operation of high-quality recreation and resort communities.  Chaffin/Light’s primary focus today is the development of sustainable communities that provide built and social environments that reflect the culture of the surrounding area. 

Jim Chaffin and Jim Light moved to Snowmass Village, Colorado in 1978 and helped Snowmass Village blossom from a burgeoning ski area into a resort community by developing the Snowmass Club and West Village areas. Chaffin/Light also provided the land and resources to support the Snowmass Chapel and Community Center, the Snowmass Conference Center, as well as donated land and buildings to the now world-renowned Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Chaffin/Light also provided Snowmass Village with significant attainable housing opportunities.

In the mid 80’s, Chaffin/Light became involved in Resort Semiahmoo and Callawassie Island, and in 1989, Spring Island.  It was at Spring Island that Jim Chaffin and Jim Light pioneered a conservation-based ethic, where sustainable development practices became a core focus of the entire community.  It was where Chaffin/Light first tested the notion of building a “community within a park, not a park within a community.”  They founded the Spring Island Trust, which has since served as the steward for protected lands, as an educator for community residents, and as a watchdog to ensure environmental integrity.

Since 1978, Chaffin/Light has developed communities that provide amenities that put people in touch with the outdoors and programs that reflect the culture of the surrounding region. 

Throughout these 40 years, the original desire to create communities connected to their surroundings has only grown stronger. Today, we're proud to be internationally-recognized as a leader in sustainable development, which calls for planning low-density communities focused on preserving nature and open spaces.

It's been a satisfying 40 years, but we like to think it's still just the beginning. Today, Chaffin/Light’s focus includes mixed use transit-oriented development to house residents and guests near public transit.